Welcome to BlindSearch, the search engine taste test.

Type in a search query above, hit search then vote for the column which you believe best matches your query. The columns are randomised with every query.

The goal of this site is simple, we want to see what happens when you remove the branding from search engines. How differently will you perceive the results?

This site is built as a fun experiment by Michael Kordahi, follow me on twitter @delic8genius for notification of updates to this site.

The system has many flaws that I know about already, the primary one of interest is the lack of localisation. So, all searches are going through the US as US searches. The other deficiency worth noting is that there is much missing from the actual experience of using these search engines eg, image thumbnails, suggestions, refine queries etc. 

Ohh, and this site is very very beta, expect it to break! DM me or leave a comment with your feedback.

DISCLAIMER: I work for Microsoft. This site is not affiliated with my employer, it is not a Microsoft initiative, it's simply me having fun in my spare time.

update (1 Nov 2011): Crunching numbers, wow - it seems Bing is now beating Google!
update (3 Sep 2011): 4 Million queries baby!
update (2 Sep 2011): Yahoo is broken - meh, what are you gonna do?
update (6 July 2010): We've hit 2 million queries!
update (1 Dec 2009): We've hit 1.5 million queries! That's just insane so thank you to all who have vistied.
update (10 August 2009): I've published the results from the first 8 weeks of BlindSearch - http://delicategeniusblog.com/?p=839.
update (16 June 2009): Added IE8 Accelerator.
update (14 June 2009): Added basic image search capability.
update (10 June 2009): Added an OpenSearch provider.
update: Some douche is gaming the system, I've removed the ability to see the results until I sort this out. Meanwhile you can still have fun playing with blind search. Feel free to blame the douche for ruining it for everybody. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t take this a scientific whats-e-ma-jing, it's just a bit of observational fun.

Tools ...

OpenSearch Provider
Search providers allow you to search from your search box in your browser.

Add the BlindSearch provider in your search box or click here.

IE8 Accelerator
If you use Internet Explorer 8, you can take advantage of the BlindSearch Accelerator.

It allows you to select any text from any site and use it as your search term. Quite cool really.

If you use IE8, click to install the BlindSearch Accelerator. If you feel so inclined, you can download IE8 here.